Bid Operations; Marketing, Promotions and Events

The Big Heart of Swansea consumer brand Loyalty Card has over 70 offers from large & small businesses, a 10,000 + database of cardholders and 100,000+ in circulation.

Over 3 million people seeing and hearing our campaigns throughout the BID period. That’s almost the entire population of Wales that has had the opportunity see and hear our marketing campaigns, focused on Swansea City Centre and its businesses.

Over 1.5 Million social media visits over the BID period.

Over 60 City Centre events delivered throughout BID’s duration, some increasing foot-flow 40 – 80% year on year.

All PROMOTING Swansea City Centre and its businesses locally, regional and national helping drive and increase foot-flow and spending, based on springboard research reports.

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  • Russell Gleenslade

    Working Group Chair

  • Lisa Cameron

    Trinity Mirror Group Plc

  • Steve Hopkins

    City & County of Swansea - Tourism Manager

  • Christos Stylianou

    Derricks Music

  • Richard Jones


  • Councillor Rob Stewart

    City & County of Swansea - Leader