Bid Operations; Safe and Secure


Creating a more secure shopping and trading environment through the funding of additional Police Officers, Rangers* and the operation of Taxi Marshals during the Night-Time Economy.

The Rangers

Rangers were first introduced in Swansea to be the eyes and ears of the City Centre and to report problems and deal with issues such as broken paving, street furniture, discarded rubbish, vandalism and graffiti.

Whilst this remains a key part of the job, the service has evolved significantly since its early days with customer service now at the heart of the Ranger’s job description. For example, in the past 13 months, the team of 4 Rangers dealt with 34,000 incidents in the City Centre, with customer queries consistently being the highest performing category.

In addition to this ambassadorial role, the Rangers provide hands-on support to facilitate and manage the various events and activities that take place in the City Centre and to coordinate safe access into the area. They also continue to work closely with local businesses and Police to help reduce business crime and anti-social behaviour.

Between them, the Rangers work seven days a week including bank holidays from 8am-6pm daily and they patrol a zone extending from Westway and Dilwyn Street in the west over to High Street and Mansel Street in the north. Additional areas include Parc Tawe, the Quadrant shopping centre and Wind Street.

Taxi Marshals 

Our Taxi Marshals work with South Wales Police Service, City Council. Marshals, provided by the BID offer a reassuring presence to passengers. Taxi Marshalling is now a modern scheme being supported by most councils/police forces across the UK, in order to provide safety and security for the public as well as taxi drivers. Our Taxi Marshals provide an outstanding Taxi Marshalling service; ensuring that only licensed cabs use the taxi ranks, preventing queue jumping and discouraging all forms of anti-social behaviour. Our Taxi Marshals work very closely with the Emergency Services such as Police and local councils, acting as their ‘Eyes & Ears’ with the core objectives of reducing crime and disorder in public areas as well as making sure that the general public gets home safely at night.

Most recent statistics show that typically the Rangers* deal with over 34,000 activities, that includes over 1500 business visits over a year period helping improve the shopper and trading environment.

  • Throughout BID’s duration, over 500,000 persons dealt with by our Taxi Marshals, helping to reduce alcohol-related disruption by 45.7% working alongside South Wales Police.
  • Working with South Wales Police, we have delivered 804 additional Police Hours, 1137 businesses have been visited, delivering a 20.6% reduction in Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Purple Flag accreditation secured working in partnership with Local Authority as lead.

ALL CREATING a safer and more secure shopper, visitor and trading environment throughout the City Centre.

* Co-funded and managed by the City & County of Swansea.

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  • Jennie Clements

    Working Group Chair

  • Russell Gleenslade


  • Chief Inspector Stephen Jones

    South Wales Police

  • Brendan Bottomley

    BID Twilight Operative

  • Councillor Robert Francis-Davies

    City & County of Swansea - Cabinet Member

  • Dan Jones

    Police Commissioner Office

  • Lisa Wells

    City & County of Swansea - City Centre Manager

  • Bruno Nunnes

    Bambu & Peppermint Bars Licensing Premises Chair