Bid Operations; Safe and Secure

Creating a more secure shopping and trading environment through the funding of additional Police Officers, Rangers* and the operation of Taxi Marshals during the Night Time Economy.

Most recent statistics show that typically the Rangers* deal with over 34,000 activities, that includes over 1500 business visits over a year period helping improve the shopper and trading environment.

  • Throughout BID’s duration, over 500,000 persons dealt with by our Taxi Marshals, helping to reduce alcohol related disruption by 45.7% working alongside South Wales Police.
  • Working with South Wales Police, we have delivered 804 additional Police Hours, 1137 businesses have been visited, delivering a 20.6% reduction in Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Purple Flag accreditation secured working in partnership with Local Authority as lead.

ALL CREATING a safer and more secure shopper, visitor and trading environment throughout the City Centre.

* Co – funded and managed by the City & County of Swansea.

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  • Jennie Clements

    Working Group Chair

  • Russell Gleenslade


  • Chief Inspector Stephen Jones

    South Wales Police

  • Brendan Bottomley

    BID Twilight Operative

  • Councillor Robert Francis-Davies

    City & County of Swansea - Cabinet Member

  • Dan Jones

    Police Commissioner Office

  • Lisa Wells

    City & County of Swansea - City Centre Manager

  • Bruno Nunnes

    Bambu & Peppermint Bars Licensing Premises Chair