Who We Are

The Swansea BID team that deliver the companies operations are –

Russell Greenslade | Chief Executive

Russell has over seventeen years experience in senior management positions within commercial, marketing, property development, pharmacuticals, retail, FMCG and wholesale. Since taking the helm of Swansea BID in 2009 Russell has lead on the companies strategic and operational delivery developing expertise in establishing and maintaining effective engagement with local, regional, national and global businesses and delivering  award winning projects in addition to undertaking regional and national roles for Place Management and Place Marketing organisations. He has secured wide-scale interest and involvement in the development and delivery of Business Improvement Districts from the private and public sector communities establishing positive and productive relationships coupled with overseeing two successfully ballots for the Swansea BID company.

Amelia Rudman | Projects Manager

I support the Chief Executive on the operational and strategy delivery for Swansea BID, ensuring it is a progressive and innovative Business Improvement District that provides value for money and is accountable to its levy payers.

Brendan Bottomley | Evening & Night-time Economy Team Leader*

The safety and security of those using the City Centre during the busy evening and night time economy are important to Swansea BID. I am responsible for working with a number of businesses throughout the City Centre leading on projects such as Best Bar None and supporting the Purple Flag scheme. My role is to develop strategies and activities that aid and support the reduction of crime in the City Centre ENTE economy improving the visitor experience. I work closely with partners including South Wales Police Service to deliver real value to those that use the City Centre.

Natalie Edwards – Social Media

I lead on all social media marketing and communications activities for the Big Heart of Swansea brand, working with the Projects Manager to determine the strategic direction in order to achieve our goals.

Paul Whittaker – Events

I coordinate and execute the BID events to ensure that they are successful from start to finish with deliverable results. The goal of these events is to build community, promote the BID area and its businesses and contribute to a vibrancy of the BID area.

Damien Edgell – Senior City Centre Ranger**

I am the Senior City Centre Ranger, I have worked for Swansea Council in several roles over the past 13 years with a youth work and customer service related background. I like the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work” which comes through in my passion as a Ranger. I am particularly excited about the regeneration plans for the City Centre and welcome any questions about the Ranger Service from members of the public.

Adrian McGrath – City Centre Ranger**

I have been employed by Swansea Council for over 30 years and believe my experience in leisure and retail stands me in good stead working as a Ranger. I remodelled the Swansea Safe Child Scheme, which helps reunite lost children with their carers as quickly as possible to also take into account, vulnerable adults.

Alex Dubens – City Centre Ranger**

I joined the Rangers in 2008, after working in the homeless sector with Wallich Clifford, as well as in outdoor education which combined gives me a unique insight. I am the driving force behind the ‘From Busk Til Dawn’ busking and on-street entertainment scheme which has gone from strength to strength since it was launched in 2009. I really enjoy the diversity of my role as every day presents different challenges.

James Harry – City Centre Ranger **

I have been working as a City Centre Ranger since 2009 and have previous experience of working as a store security guard. I use this experience to work closely with the Police to identify and target known troublemakers.

Simon Hobbs | Cleansing & Enhancement Team Leader

I lead the team to enhance the existing street cleansing programme in addition to the Local Authority baseline. The team is equipped to carry out various cleaning duties and chewing gum removal and we can use the pressure washer to tackle private realm graffiti removal. I work closely with the BID team, who alert us to any issues or problems encountered during their rounds of the city.

Darren King | Taxi Marshal and Meet & Greet Team Leader

I lead the BIDs team of 8 SIA registered Taxi Marshals and meet & greet host that work Wednesdays, Friday’s and Saturdays as well as during big events where we control taxi queues preventing disorder, prevent illegal private hire activity, protect vulnerable persons and ensure their safety, observe any criminal activity including street crime and report to CCTV Control, Police and the Local Authority, reduction in crime on the street and provide extra eyes for the local Police.

Mark Watkins | BID Additional Police Operations

I manage the planning and implementation of the BIDs additional Police Officer resources in the BID area for South Wales Police. BIDs additional resources have created a dedicated BID Police team who have a brief to address city centre BID area issues such as aggressive beggars, antisocial behaviour and retail crime. The team works closely with the Rangers, Businesses and the BID team to help create a safer and more secure shopping and trading environment.

*JV position with Local Authority
** 25% funded by BID managed by Local Authority