A Message From the Swansea BID Team to our BID Area Businesses

March 22, 2020 9:05 am

“The instruction from The UK Government that we must shut bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes has come as a blow to us all, and I know our Swansea City Centre businesses are deeply concerned about their livelihoods.

It is very clear from the unprecedented announcements we have heard from The Chancellor, from the UK Government, and from the Welsh Government, that every efforts is being made to ensure that businesses, regional economies, our national economy, and the workforce, gets through this crisis with as little pain as possible.

As a BID we are working day and night to put in place support mechanisms to help our businesses through the challenges ahead; We have launched a new ordering and delivery service called ShopAppy that our businesses can sign up to for free, working with Yellow Cabs 2020 to deliver to people locally who are self-isolating. We have focussed our resources upon our communications and are sending very regular updates on COVID – 19 and available business support to our BID businesses. We have increased our social media support for businesses, to help get their key messages out to customers and clients. We are working with businesses who already offer order and deliver to promote these services across our channels. We are working with a local solicitor to provide vital information to businesses on their responsibilities and requirements to employers. We continue to work closely with the Welsh Government, Local Authority and other agencies to ensure the needs of our beleaguered businesses are understood and are being responded to. We are creating an Information hub that will act as a central focus for the most current information from Government sources and this will soon be broadcast through our channels.

None of us has, I’m sure, ever heard or used the word unprecedented more often in our lifetime than we have in the past few weeks. We are all facing our own hardships – whether as employers, businesses, families or citizens, and we must all do everything we can to keep each-other safe. This includes adhering to the advice of The Government and its medical and scientific advisors. Swansea and its people are resilient, adaptable and supportive of each-other. We will get through this. Over the past few weeks we have seen some incredible acts of unselfishness, kindness and support from our BID Businesses who are keen to help their community. If anyone is in any doubt that our City Centre is full of vibrant businesses run by exceptional people, I would encourage them to go to our True Heart of Swansea campaign on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2wjhZfI
I would urge everyone to remember these acts of kindness and to determine to support our hard-working businesses in any way they can. We are all in this together and we can and will emerge from this crisis with dignity and with resolve.”

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