A New Digital Tool For BID Businesses to Reach Local Customers

April 9, 2020 3:27 pm

As Swansea City Centre businesses continue to adapt to the changes forced upon them by the Covid-19 outbreak, new tools to reach customers new and old are enabling businesses to continue to trade safely.

We’re encouraging BID Businesses to consider using a new app called, iTown, which makes it even easier for customers to find and support your business during these times. The app is a ready-made app for towns, villages and high streets across the country that has been released for free in direct response to the current Coronavirus lockdown.

iTown will allow independent BID businesses to control their own digital adverts, communications and transactions with customers in Swansea and to receive payments when orders are made.

iTown creates a digital shop window which enables customers using the app to see what is on offer in each business in Swansea, and to order and arrange delivery through a simple online messaging service, and to pay online.

Andrew Douglas, Business Liaison Manager at Swansea BID, said: “We continue to provide support to our Swansea City Centre businesses during these unprecedented times. The iTown app is easy for businesses to register and also easy for customers to use.

“This will allow us all to continue to act as one community via a digital platform. Whether the business is a corner shop, butchers, bakery or a post office, hardware store or laundrette that has had to close their premises but is now offering delivery services, iTown will link you directly to your local customers.

“iTown also allows customers to purchase gift vouchers from businesses that they can use at a later date allowing them to support businesses during their time of need.

“The more businesses who join up to iTown, the more of a digital community that we can create.”

To create your business profile and reach new customers, search iTown on the Apple app store. iTown will be coming to the Google Play Store soon.