BID Objectives

Swansea BID works hard to make Swansea City Centre a better place to shop, study, stay, visit and do business.  It aims to drive the City Centre forward, improving experiences, standards and adding value, working in collaboration with all sectors. We help make Swansea City Centre a cleaner, safer and more welcoming place, raising its profile through an events and marketing campaigns, bringing direct benefits to businesses and enhancing the experience of the City Centre users. We enable a co-ordinated investment in the place management and marketing of Swansea City Centre and its businesses, delivering on a set of agreed business priorities, addressing five core themes identified and agreed during the formation of the most recent business plan.

Our five core themes are –

Parking & Transportation offers INCREASING visitor and shopper numbers.

Safety & Security operations CREATING a safer and more secure visitor/shopper and trading environment.

Marketing & Events PROMOTING the City Centre and its businesses through our Big Heart of Swansea brand helping to attract visitors/shoppers.

Cleansing & Enhancement operations IMPROVING the physical visitor/shopper and trading environment.

Commercial Business & Facilitation further DEVELOPING a strong recognised and respected businesses voice, recruit new and support existing businesses through reduced business costs/bottom line and providing advise/guidance on training, networks and grants.

Operational Governance

Our operating group meetings take place bi-monthly which are chaired by a BID board Director and include City Centre stakeholders and service providers. These operating groups work to a board agreed yearly budget and strategic plans which the groups ensure are delivered on. Like any business growth is important, so additional projects that further support and benefits City Centre Businesses, economy and vibrancy of the BID area are reviewed within the constraints of BID income providing the BIDs aims/objectives are adhered to.

In addition to the operating group meetings, we organise other meetings such as Business Intelligence Meetings, Hospitality Forum Meetings as well as 1-2-1 business meetings via the BID office and Ranger and cleansing teams. We also organise open stakeholder meetings where levy payers have come along to provide feedback, thoughts and ideas such as at our most recent meeting where circa 100 levy payers came along.

But, we can always do more and we do like to hear our levy payers feedback on our operations along with thoughts and ideas so feel free to contact us about with feedback and/or to have a chat about any BID matters via the phone (01792) 475021 or email [email protected] to make contact with a member of the team.


INCREASING visitor and shopper numbers delivering and/or promoting Parking & Transportation offers:

£3 for 3 hours at St Davids multi-storey Car Park all year round

Bespoke FREE parking days such as on Small Business Saturday

FREE parking every Sunday at all Local authority City Centre car parks

Bus offers into the City Centre from shopper profile target areas

Boxing day Park & Ride service

Santander Cycle Scheme working with Swansea University as lead

Discounted parking offers and discounts to City Centre workers

Embracing online shopping by introducing designated Click & Collect spaces

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CREATING a safer and more secure visitor, shopper and trading environment by:

Part- funding City Centre Rangers

Provide additional Police Officers 

Providing Taxi Marshals during the Evening & Night Time Economy

Provide Night Marshals

Provide Evening & Night Time Economy Officer who holds the BIIAB Level 2 in Assessment of Licensed Premises

Manage the Best Bar None scheme and awards

Support Purple Flag Accreditation 

Support and provide Safe Space project

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We are busy PROMOTING the City Centre and its businesses with a programme of events, marketing campaigns and promotions:

Attracting visitors and shoppers via our The Big Heart of Swansea brand

Big Heart of Swansea Loyalty card and App

Holding and supporting a calendar of events in the City Centre to attract visitors

Generating media coverage of Swansea BID and BID Business activities

Promoting the work of the BID and its businesses via a full range of social media channels

BID area Real Towns Tour App

Professional videography and photography of the BID area, its businesses and our events helping promote and raise awareness

Regional marketing campaigns championing the BID area and its businesses

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DEVELOPING the City Centre as an attractive place to invest and giving businesses the tools to flourish

Being a forthright and respected voice for BID businesses on a local, regional and national level

Identifying and reducing essential running cost savings for BID Businesses

Welcoming new businesses who have set up shop in Swansea City Centre

Holding free BID Benefits events held to support BID area businesses with practical advice

Providing free information and data to potential investors

Offering guidance on training, networks and grants

Sourcing shopper profile and demographics statistics

Deliver the Creative Bubble project in partnership with UWTSD

Facilitate, support and manage diverted giving scheme - Have A Heart

Facilitate and co-fund Wind Street £2.1M pedestrianisation feasibility study

Securing over £1.5m in grant/funding business support

Securing over £500,000 in BID area business direct bottom line savings

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We are always IMPROVING our City Centre to make sure it is attractive, clean and inviting

Removing Chewing Gum

Remove Graffiti and materials from the private realm

Street washing

Taking part in handy-man schemes and projects

BID area caretaker schemes and projects

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