BIRA Emergency Membership Package Negotiated for Swansea BID Area Businesses

May 7, 2020 11:55 am

We are pleased to let you know of new emergency membership packages for our BID area businesses, to The British Independent Retail Association (BIRA), for a nominal donation.

BIRA membership usually costs around £200 per year, but the Association has waived this fee, in order to allow retailers to benefit from its services and support during these difficult times.

The membership package, which runs for three months, and may be extended further, depending upon the unfolding COVID-19 situation, can be accessed by making a small donation on the BIRA website, of £1, £5 or £10. 100 percent of the proceeds are being donated to the Rainy Day Trust. Once signed up, businesses will enjoy full member benefits, which include:

  • Legal advice from BIRA Legal partner, Ellis Whittam, for any employment and health & safety related telephone advice
  • Selling online support from EKM to provide members with three months free use of their e-commerce package so retailers can sell online, simply
  • Access to learning resources to help retailers manage social media and to market their online store
  • Access to functioning suppliers so retailers can continue to serve their customers
  • Quick utilities switching with waived fees and no minimum contract period

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