Bumper Savings For City Centre Business Thanks to Free Swansea BID Scheme

January 3, 2018 2:56 pm

The owners of a busy Swansea estate and letting agents are encouraging other SMEs to tap into the free suite of cost-cutting tools offered by Swansea BID, after saving £1,600 on their utility bills.

City Centre estate and lettings agents, Belvoir, took advantage of the scheme, which sees a team of money-saving specialists from Meercat Associates Ltd help small businesses within BID areas get access to the best deals on things like gas, electricity, telecoms services, pest control, safety testing and assessments, and stationery and print costs.

Since the Meercats scheme began in the Swansea BID area four months ago BID Businesses have had more than £28k worth of identified savings.

The beauty of the scheme, says Daisy Davies, co-owner of Belvoir estate and letting agents, is that it causes little disruption for the business owners, but it can deliver hefty savings.

Daisy says: “I’m delighted with the way the scheme has worked for my business and I would encourage other Bid Businesses to take advantage of the scheme. £1,600 worth of savings over three years on our gas and electricity supply is very valuable and I will ask our Meercat advisor to look into further savings on our water bills next.

“My husband and I run two branches of Belvoir – one in Swansea’s Castle Street and one in Mumbles – and when all your energies go into running a business your focus isn’t necessarily on shopping around for the best deals, so it is so useful just to be able to just hand one or two bills over to a Meercat advisor and let them get on with it. It was such a simple process.”

Swansea BID Projects Manager, Amelia Rudman, said: “I’m delighted to see Swansea BID Businesses take up one of the free Bid Benefits we offer. As Daisy has discovered, the Meercat Associates scheme is a no-hassle process which can offer significant cost savings, which are particularly valuable for SMEs for whom careful control over outgoings is a must, we encourage more BID businesses to take advantage of this free service from us.”

Any Swansea BID area Business who wants to take advantage of this free BID benefit service should contact Swansea BID on 01792 475021 to arrange an initial consultation.