Bid Operations; Cleansing & Enhancement

Since 2006 its been highlighted to us by our stakeholders that making sure the City Centre is attractive, clean and inviting is important.

This is why for over a decade we provide regular street washing, chewing gum and private realm graffiti removal services, all of which help our City Centre visitors and workers enjoy a more pleasant experience.

We also work with and secure support from Keep Wales Tidy, The Chewing Gum Action GroupWrigleys and the Welsh Government on behaviour change campaigns.

Over the years we provide BID area businesses with hanging baskets and placed vibrant planters in the BID area helping improve the appeal of the BID area and the businesses themselves.

Over our 13 years in operation, we have also provided a focused cleansing team to operate in the BID area with equipment/machinery such as Glutton Machines, jet washers and vehicles all branded with BID livery.

We have also provided a team of litter pickers operational during the twilight period to help improve the visitor’s experience at this time and have worked with probation services to deliver bespoke projects and services as part of community service.

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