Could You Provide a Safe Space In Swansea City Centre?

September 8, 2021 4:25 pm

As part of our welcoming and enhancing operations Swansea BID is launching, with partners, a Safe Places project, which we hope our BID area businesses will be part of.

Swansea city centre is a safe place to enjoy a night or a day out. However, there will always be times when some people might feel the need for extra support in a calm, welcoming environment.

Last summer saw the country united in its response to the murder of Sarah Everard. Working with partners we are launching a city centre wide appeal for businesses to volunteer to be a part of a new Swansea Safe Places network. We are working on providing training to each business involved, but essentially, the expectation is that you and your staff will provide a calm, reassuring place for someone who is frightened. Every member of the scheme will be listed on the national Safe Space app and will be supported via a comprehensive communications campaign.

This opportunity is available to any kind of business whether an office, a shop or a bar. People can feel unsafe at any time of day, and we want anyone in Swansea City centre to know that there are havens for them to go across the city for support.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting to discuss this in more detail or simply want to know how to sign up, please email: [email protected].

We’re passionate about this project and hope our BID area businesses will be happy to sign up. Everybody should be able to go out and feel safe.


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