Keeping Your Business Secure During Lockdown

April 16, 2020 2:38 pm

With many City Centre businesses temporarily closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, our BID area businesses will be concerned about making sure their premises are secure.

South Wales Police and our City Centre Rangers are continuing to patrol the area, but it is important to make sure your shop, or office building, isn’t vulnerable to damage, theft, or to squatters if it is going to be empty for a long period.

The scale of the risk to your premises will depend on its location, its stock, and its security. Here are some key factors to consider, to help minimise risk:

  • Work in partnership to reduce security risks by sharing information with other local businesses, with the crime reduction partnership and with police
  • Review your property. Check for vulnerabilities in the space between the perimeter, any outbuildings and the main building
  • Lock away any items that could be stolen, used as a climbing aid or targeted for arson
  • Invest in a recognised security standard gate and locking mechanism, which is fixed to the ground and in alignment with the boundary fence. This website gives further guidance:
  • Ensure your boundary is security rated and high enough to deter someone from climbing over. The police recommends a minimum height of 2.1 metres, but check with the local planning authority for their restrictions
  • Prevent vehicle access on to the site with a strong height restrictor, heavy-duty concrete blocks or security rated bollards, if these are appropriate for the area
  • Park vehicles in front of entrances to buildings to make them harder to access
  • A Security Industry Authority licensed security guard at the site could allow for a fast alert of any attempts to enter the building
  • Ensure your CCTV is an accredited system, correctly installed, and positioned to cover your premises and any vulnerable areas. It should not be in a position where it can be easily attacked or removed. Some CCTV systems can be linked to an App on your phone allowing you to monitor your buildings
  • Ensure your property has good lighting levels. Constant low-level dusk-till-dawn lighting can be beneficial
  • Fit a monitored alarm to the building as a deterrent

For more detailed advice on securing business premises during this lockdown period, go to: