An Ode to Our Beloved Swansea City Centre

September 26, 2017 3:32 pm

An Ode to Our Beloved Swansea City Centre, for National Poetry Day


With National Poetry Day on 28 September, we were moved to put pen to paper about our beloved Swansea City Centre.
Click here to see some familiar Swansea faces from, Unit Nineteen, Plantasia, Cwtch Café, Exist Skatepark, Reeds Bakery and Swansea Grand Theatre flexing their poetic muscles and reciting their ode to Swansea.

Why we love Swansea, our city by the sea

Oodles of shops, just steps from the sea
Cafes for toasties or afternoon tea

Hot Welsh cakes and Swansea pies
Local veg with low food miles

World-class theatres, galleries and clubs
Sporting life, nightlife, some tidy little pubs

Plantasia’s display of exotic creatures
Cinemas for action films or family features

Swansea Fringe and Street Food Friday
New arrivals Krispy Kreme and Turtle Bay

Hotels to stay in, the skatepark to play in
A buzzing city centre you can spend all day in

The landscape’s unique and the people are tidy
That’s why we love Swansea, our city by the sea