Planning a Wedding? Why You Should Say ‘I Do’ to Local Independent Retailers

September 25, 2017 10:05 am

We all know the Swansea Bay region is the ideal location to tie the knot – who wouldn’t want a lovely Gower venue or a beach backdrop for their nuptials, not to mention Gower lamb, Welsh Black beef and cockles on the menu for their special day?

But Swansea is also well-served by lovely bridal shops where you can enjoy the kind of unhurried and carefully tailored personal service all brides want, as well as a great range of the most up-to-date designs, tasteful looks and all of those extras you need to tick off your long ‘To Do’ list ahead of your big day.

Many of our local bridal shops are long establishes – Allison Jayne has been in business since 1975 and Victoria’s Bridal on Orchard Street has been serving blushing brides for around 25 years.

You won’t find a better known Swansea name as far as fashion retail is concerned than Rowberry, and Rowberry Bridal is adept at keeping brides and their excited bridesmaids happy.

Why should you shop locally when you are arranging your big day? For the same reasons shopping locally is a good choice for other purchases:

Personal service – Independent retailers understand the value of exemplary customer service and nurturing their relationships with their customers. So, if you need extra decision time, honest advice and guidance, if you value extra care and attention, opting for an independent retailer is likely to be your best choice.

Bridal outlets like Chic and Elegant only offer a by-appointment service, so you will get all of the time you need, uninterrupted, to find the look you want. Some Swansea bridal retailers, like Alison Jayne, offer a loyalty card to brides, so they can enjoy discounts as they shop for the different aspect of their wedding day shopping.

Problem-solving –  it is undeniable that we live in the age of internet shopping and some brides opt to buy their wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses online. However, a quick scan of the internet will also reveal any number of horror stories of brides left in pieces because their dress has turned out to be nothing like its photograph suggested. It can be very hard to resolve these issues satisfactorily, or in time, if they arise. If you have sopped with an independent retailer you have built a relationship with, that is just around the corner, these problems can be resolved more easily.

Convenience – having one central point for you and your bridesmaids to visit, to try on and to have your dresses fitted can be the most convenient option for all and you can, of course, make a day of your fitting sessions by spending the afternoon in Swansea toasting the bride-to-be.

Quality Stock – Boutique bridal specialists may have smaller premises than you might find in bigger cities, but they know how important it is to be competitive – their success as a business relies upon it. So, for example, if you pop into Allison Jayne in Castle Square, you will find lovely designs from Maggie Sottero, Ellis Bridal, Justin Alexander and Jesus Peiro. Similarly, at Eva Ashley Bridal, in Castle Street, you will find gowns by Benjamin Roberts, Catherine Parry and Diane Harbridge.

Shopping for your big day? Say I Do to Swansea’s Bridal retailers.