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Anti-social behaviour - have your say.

How can the Council ensure that it is working with its partners to appropriately and effectively tackle anti-social behaviour in Swansea?

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To help the Council understand these issues and to answer some of these questions they are inviting written submissions on the following lines of inquiry:

1. Effectiveness of strategies, policies and procedures in tackling anti-social behaviour and is the council meeting its regulatory obligations in this area.

2. The Council's role in tackling and reducing anti-social behaviour.

3. Partner roles in tackling and reducing anti-social behaviour.

4. How well are the Council and its partners working together to tackle and reduce anti-social behaviour in Swansea.

5. Tools available to use to help the Council and its partners tackle ASB.

6. How good is the information provided to, and communication with, the public.

7. Monitoring and managing performance.

8. How are the Council and our partners addressing the causes of anti-social behaviour.

9. Examples of initiatives and good practice in tackling ASB elsewhere.

10. The Wellbeing and Future Generations implications.

Please email responses to:

Alternatively post responses to: Scrutiny Team, Guildhall, Swansea. SA1 4SN

Closing date: 31 March 2023

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