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BID Initiative Saves Businesses Thousands

Swansea Business Improvement District (BID) has brought in Place Support Partnership to support BID businesses in Swansea in reducing costs such as energy and terminal services. Place Support Partnership provide resources and expertise to help local businesses identify and implement cost-saving measures in these areas. They have already helped businesses in our BID area save over £5,000.

Place Support Partnership, which specialises in providing support to businesses and can provide guidance and solutions to help businesses in Swansea optimise their energy usage, explore renewable energy options, and implement energy-efficient practices.

In addition, card payments are a common transaction method for businesses, but they often come with associated fees. Place Support Partnership can help your businesses navigate the complexities of card payment processing and find cost-effective solutions, such as negotiating lower fees, exploring alternative payment methods, or streamlining payment processes.

These are just an example of the many ways Place Support Partnership can reduce your costs it aims to empower local businesses by providing them with the tools and support they need to reduce costs. If you would more information on how you can utilise their services to save money please contact

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