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Big Heart of Swansea Gift Cards – The Perfect Corporate Incentive

Christmas is fast approaching, and it may be that you’re starting to think about how to reward your staff as a way of thanking them for their hard work over the last twelve months.

Do you create a hamper for every team member? Slip a bottle of their favourite tipple into a gift bag, or give them an appreciative bonus that they’ll later need to pay tax on?

Saying thank you should be a simple thing, but finding the perfect way to say it can feel complicated. That’s why a Big Heart of Swansea gift card could be the ideal way to show your appreciation. We’ve rounded up 5 reasons why:

1. It’s personal

Whether your employee is a top-trending fashionista, gadget and tech lover or enthusiastic foodie, the Big Heart of Swansea Gift Card is accepted in over 80 local City Centre stores, food outlets and hospitality venues, giving your staff the gift of choice. Where your employee might receive countless bottles of gin this Christmas, your corporate gift can allow them to choose something they really want or need instead.

2. It’s flexible

Corporate gifting looks different to every business. You may be governed time restraints, and so might your employee. The Big Heart of Swansea Gift Card is available as either physical card or digital e-card (perfect for that last-minute gift solution!). Your gift recipient can use it on their phones, in person at the till, and can choose to use their gift card amount in one transaction or split it over several smaller ones. With a 12 month expiry date, your staff member can spend their gift card any time they want to.

3. You control the cost

Corporate gifting can be costly and can come with the risk of spending excess funds on a gift someone may not use – but not with the Big Heart of Swansea Gift Card. Essentially a pre-loaded Mastercard, you can choose to input anything from £25 up to £500 per transaction – so you can control the budget completely.

4. You keep business local

As a business within the Swansea community, you understand and appreciate the notion of feeding back into the local economy. With the Big Heart of Swansea Gift Card, you are gifting your employee the opportunity to boost sales and revenue at local stores and with more independent traders, keeping our BID business community thriving.

5. Your business can benefit too

It’s one thing to gift the Big Heart of Swansea Gift Card to your teams and colleagues, but enrolling on to the scheme as a business, is a big win too. Research suggests that implementing a gift card system into your business has been shown to strengthen cash flow. Gift card users are more likely to spend more than the balance on the card, with 72% of people more likely to spend 20% more than the value of a gift card.

To purchase a Big Heart of Swansea Gift Card, to find out more about the scheme or to list your business as one of our retailers, visit

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