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Jurassic Earth - Swansea Grand Theatre

The Original & BEST Live Dinosaur Show! Prepare to go on a JURASSIC adventure!

Meet intrepid EXPLORERS, fascinating PROFESSORS & the bravest of RANGERS as they take you on a journey through Jurassic Earth, introducing their herd of the most incredible Dinosaur species to have ever lived!

Bring your biggest ROAR and your fastest feet as you take Rangers Danger's masterclass to become an Official Dinosaur Ranger, gaining the skills you need to come face to face with the world's largest walking T Rex, a big-hearted Brontosaurus, tricky Triceratops, uncontrollable Carnotaurus, vicious Velociraptors & sneaky Spinosaurus.

Feel the EXCITEMENT of watching a dinosaur egg hatch in front of your eyes and the THRILL of meeting the cutest Ankylosaurus, Pterodactyl and baby Hatchlings...

A thrilling interactive family show for dino-crazy families! A fun-filled 75-minute family show suitable for all ages, featuring astounding animatronics and excitingly REALISTIC performances. Get ready to laugh, scream, sing and ROOOOARRR as we welcome you to the greatest Dinosaur adventure on Jurassic Earth.


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