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New Swansea City Centre parking offer!

Visitors and city centre employees can park at any of the council-owned car parks for just £1 per hour, and the best part is, the maximum charge for the entire day is only £5. This offer starts on Monday the 24th of July 2023. This affordable parking option is designed to make parking more accessible and convenient for both shoppers and city centre workers.

We are delighted to share that Swansea BID has actively participated in the development of this parking offer, which will greatly benefit our community of over 800 stakeholders and create a positive economic impact on local shops and businesses.

Swansea is proud to be one of the most affordable city centres for car parking, attracting shoppers and workers alike with this fantastic initiative.

Please keep in mind that the premium car park, Copr Bay South, is not included in this offer. However, there are numerous other council-owned car parks participating, making parking in Swansea City Centre an excellent deal for everyone.

The council car parks which are included are :

  • St. David's MSCP (St David's Place, SA1 3LQ)

  • The Quadrant MSCP (Wellington Street, SA1 3QR)

  • Oxford Street car park (off Singleton Street, SA1 3AZ)

  • YMCA car park (Newton Street, SA1 5JQ)

  • Northampton Lane car park (Northampton Lane, SA1 4EW)

  • Pell Street car park (Pell Street, SA1 3ES)

  • Park Street East car park (Park Street, SA1 3DJ)

  • Worcester Place car park (Worcester Place, SA1 1HY)

  • Post Office (The Strand) car park (Strand, SA1 2AE)

  • Salubrious Place car park (Salubrious Place, SA1 3LW)

  • High Street MSCP (Ivey Place, SA1 1NU)

For more information please visit:

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