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Power Hour - CPD; Unlocking Digital Skills in the Workplace

18/04/23 , 10am-11am , Online.

Digital Change in any organisation can be a complex and often daunting prospect. With the continuing advancements in digital working solutions for staff and the ever-increasing options in the tools available, it can be difficult to determine a suitable way forward. By focusing on rationale, purpose, and your people, developing digital skills can be the foundation for sustainable success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the key factors driving digital skills requirements

  • Learn how the balance of people, process, and product should guide your digital skills requirements

  • Understand where to access digital upskilling opportunities, including funded support

The session will be led by Matt Smith from Aspire2Be. Matt’s role sees him working with organisations to help them develop a ‘people first’ digital change strategy, focussing on the digital empowerment of stakeholders through contextualised professional development programmes.

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