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Rioja Day 2023

La Rioja Day is a public holiday in parts of Spain and is celebrated on June 9th every year. This massive celebration marks the anniversary of the autonomous community of La Rioja’s statue being approved in 1982. The day is marked by concerts, sporting events, communal meals and food and wine tasting.

La Rioja is Spain’s leading wine region with over 500 wineries producing predominantly red wines with its name coming from the River Oja. Rioja is a wine of medium sweetness and is most commonly red and made with Temprallino grapes. The grape gets its name from the Spanish word “temprano” as it ripens much earlier than the garnacha and tempranillo. The traditional ageing of Rioja wines is characterised by the lengthy amount of time spent in barrels and bottles before the sale.

We’re hoping to celebrate the rich history of Rioja Day in Swansea. We hope you can join us on our third annual Rioja Day on Friday, June the 9th for a day of flavoursome food, relaxed business networking and drinking the infamous Rioja Wine.

We’d like to encourage our BID businesses to be involved in this incredible event and for that, we’re rewarding one special business with the title of ‘most innovative menu’.

Last year’s winner The Grand Hotel, created an inspired Spanish-themed menu which dazzled our judges. To enter the competition please email your menu in PDF format to and they’ll be uploaded to the Rioja Day website.

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