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Swansea BID Launches New Security App

The Business Improvement District which supports businesses within Swansea City Centre, has introduced the SentrySIS app to local businesses in an effort to increase security and deter opportunists.

SentrySIS is a cloud-based software which is a modern and smart solution to incidents of localised crime. The software connects local businesses, national retailers, police, private security companies and business improvement districts, creating an effective and efficient network against crime.

The objective of SentrySIS is simple; to reduce crime and criminal activity across the UK, and by doing so, producing positive social outcomes which will make the United Kingdom a safer place to work, socialise, and live.

The application, which has been made available to Swansea businesses by the Swansea BID, will give local businesses an extra layer to their security processes, and the smart technology implemented will undoubtedly help to deter crime.

It will allow Swansea businesses in the BID area to upload an image or video of an incident to the app, which will in turn create a perpetrator profile, to which new incidents can be added. The application will also provide a hot-spot map for the police and local authorities to see where the most crime is being committed.

Andrew Douglas, Operations Manager within the Swansea Business Improvement District, says, “The SentrySIS application is something that we have been working tirelessly on to launch for the BID businesses here in Swansea City Centre. The security and safety of our local businesses is paramount to us, and we’re thrilled to introduce them to this innovative and effective application.

“We’re continuously striving to ensure Swansea is a safe, welcoming place for businesses and the community alike, and the launch of the SentrySIS application is another step forwards in this direction.”

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