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The Dread Zone, Twisted Tales For Most Of The Family

This is not a Christmas show! Join Volcano in a macabre and terrifying antidote to panto. Just when you thought 2022 couldn’t get any more alarming, we bring you an evening of suspense, surprise, and strange occurrences. Expect grisly goings-on and shameless jump scares interspersed with mysterious and unsettling tales from the other side…

Disdaining austerity, our usually minimalist Bunker Theatre will be bedecked for the occasion with lavish fabrics, gold trimmings, and plump cherubim to keep you safe from the horrors onstage.

Shocking, gruesome, over-the-top fearful fun. Dress up to match or come as you are.

Running from 9th December to 30th December 2022

IMPORTANT – AGE GUIDANCE Accompanied children under 14 are welcomed at this performance at their parents’ or guardians’ discretion. We think that many children will enjoy the gruesomeness and the scares, safe in the company of their loved ones. However, younger children (especially under-5s) or those of a sensitive disposition may find some of the content upsetting or frightening. Content will include fake blood and stage violence, sudden and/or loud noises, fast movements, or other surprises. Will not include explicit sex, swearing.


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