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The World Reimagined

The World Reimagined project will transform city centre streets with its free trail of globe sculptures. Each is being designed by an individual artist.

The aim of the project is to transform how we understand the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact on us all.

The trail takes place at the same time as trails in six other UK cities as The World Reimagined invites people to acknowledge this history, and support the work of brilliant community activists and organisations.

The globes will bring people, families and communities together to talk about how we understand our history, how our past shapes our future and how we can act for social change.

The launch took place on August 10th at the National Waterfront Museum and you’ll be able to follow the trail at the following locations until October 31st.

Find out more about the artists here:

Listen to the *(Relate)able Podcast episode on the project here: The *(Relate)able Podcast: The World Reimagined Special – *(Relate)able | Podcast on Spotify

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