Bid Operations; Safety & Security

It is important that every visitor to the City Centre feels safe and secure. Which is why for over a decade we supported this in a pro-active way by providing funding towards the Ranger service, as well as for additional Police Officers that have reduced crime and anti-social behaviour in the BID area leading the way and setting the standard which other BIDs have now followed.

We operate and manage Business Watch intelligence meetings as sharing intelligence is crucial for all those who have an interest in deterring and reducing business crime in the City Centre. Our Business Watch meetings provide businesses the opportunity to report on incidents, discuss known offenders, understand crime trends and to deal pro-actively with issues such as stock loss and anti-social behaviour working collaboratively with other agencies to ensure that the BID area is regarded as a safe and comfortable place to be, by all those who use it.

We also operate and manage Hospitality Watch meetings to share information and intelligence on known offenders and issues affecting the BID areas evening and night-time economy in which businesses within the hospitality sector pro-actively engage with partners to improve safety and security in the City Centre.

Our intelligence groups are supported using DISC which we fund and manage for businesses to be part of. We have also set up a designated Neighbour hood Police team email which businesses use to report matters all helping the Business Watch and Hospitality Watch meetings being full of useful and informed information for businesses and other partners. We also facilitated in the development and implementation of the MRS Communications radio system that’s now fully operational in the BID area which is available at a one of if not the cheapest price in the UK for our BID businesses. We have also support and operate the business crime reduction partnership and exclusion scheme.

We have launched and established the Best Bar None scheme which is an accreditation scheme with National Awards supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry which is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises. Our Evening & Night Time Economy Officer holds the BIIAB Level 2 in Assessment of Licensed Premises (Social Responsibility) resulting in him now being a qualified Best Bar None Assessor who can now reward good practice in our licenced premises helping to benchmark standards & enhance the customer experience.

We have provided Taxi Marshals for over ten years who are are managed by our Evening & Night Time Officer who also manages our successful Best Bar None scheme, Hospitality Group forum, Police partnerships and leads on the support for the BID areas Purple Flag accreditation. We also provide Night Time Rangers and Cleansing teams who are in place during vibrant evening and night-time trading hours to help improve the trading and visitor experience.

Most recently with partners, we operated a new Safe Space scheme that’s operational at key times in the Wind Street area helping support the Police & Crime Commissioners Help Point that’s situated in the BID area.

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