Shoppers Worldwide Prize Welsh Produce – Let’s Put It At The Top Of Our Shopping Lists

March 15, 2019 2:16 pm

Welsh produce has been given a very palatable review by a new food and drink survey – with 85 percent of shoppers in this country saying Welsh food and drink is top of their shopping lists, and many saying they are willing to pay more for it.

These results, of the Taste Wales survey, come as little surprise to Swansea BID, and they echo what shoppers, consumers, food producers and retailers in Wales have long been aware of. Brand Wales is something to be very proud of.

Here in Swansea City Centre we are lucky to have scores of suppliers of fresh, locally farmed and grown produce, who have been offering the best quality to shoppers, in many cases for several generations.

The quality of their meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, baked goods and ale, is matched by their food knowledge – which is helping to educate new generations in the value of quality produce.

The figures from the survey in question show that 85 percent of Welsh shoppers think food and drink from Wales is great quality, eight out of ten shoppers would always buy Welsh if the price was right and 44 percent would pay more. Pleasingly too, shoppers outside Wales recognise that this country is known for good quality food and drink and would like to support the sector, with 29 percent of shoppers outside Wales keen to see more of our food and drink in their shops.

With Brexit imminent, work is being stepped up to sell Brand Wales globally, but for those of us lucky enough to live and work here in Swansea, let’s make the most of the treasures we have on our doorstep. For example, Easter gives us the perfect opportunity to try Welsh lamb from City Centre butchers, like Hugh Philips, L Vaughan and Sons, Simpsons or Billy Upton, to try locally frown veg from Get Fresh or The Choice is Yours. There are rich dairy products to be found at Mair Harries, or cockles and seafood from Tuckers Fresh Fish, Carole Watts or the Market Plaice.

It is pleasing to see Welsh producers making great inroads too, into the supermarket chains. Welsh produce can be found Sainsburys, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Co-Op and Lidl stores in the heart of the City Centre. Let’s seek it out and let’s shop Welsh.

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