Swansea City Centre Far Outstrips Neighbouring Cities in the Post-Lockdown Bounce Back

August 25, 2020 11:44 am

Some very positive new data shows that Swansea City Centre has shown an increase in footfall of 26 percent during this crucial post-lockdown recovery period, far outstripping our neighbouring cities – and the wider UK.
The fresh figures from the Centre for Cities High Street Recovery Tracker shows that between June 29 and the week commencing August 3 Swansea’s upturn in footfall, outstripped Cardiff’s, at 17 percent and Newport’s,  at 10 percent.

These are hugely positive statistics and they show what can be achieved when all parties with an interest in the long-term health of our City Centre work collaboratively.  These figures demonstrate that we have a firm base upon which to build. Here at Swansea BID we have been working throughout the lockdown period and we have seen Swansea City Centre and its businesses across all sectors slowly but surely re-opening. We have been working hard to provide BID area businesses with the support they need as part of our Covid recovery framework plan.

The Centre for Cities High Street Recovery tracker aims to show how quickly the UK’s largest city and town centres are returning to their previous levels of activity, with the tracker using anonymised mobile phone data.

Percentage change in footfall between w/c June 29 and w/c August 3:

Of Wales’ largest cities, Swansea has seen the largest increase in overall City Centre footfall over the summer during the period monitored, with Swansea’s 26 percent far exceeding the UK average of 11 percent.

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme is helping drive City Centre visitors, with the percentage change in Monday to Wednesday night visitors from late July to early August: