Swansea High Street: Investment, Ambition and Entrepreneurial Spirit

January 18, 2019 10:48 am

There have been some articles published over the past couple of days, in the local press, about Swansea High Street.

High Street has its challenges, but there is also much to be proud of there. Here is our view, which we set out in a Letter to the Editor, to the Evening Post.

Dear Sir,

We noted the article in the Evening Post, dated Tuesday 15th January, regarding Swansea High Street, and we are keen to give an alternative view.

Swansea High Street has its challenges, some of which you addressed in your piece. But it is also home to some of the most impressive entrepreneurs and business men and women operating within Swansea City Centre. High Street continues to benefit from a steady programme of investment, and the pride, ambition and industry displayed by its traders has seen the thoroughfare begin to blossom in recent years.

If one of the indicators of the health and vibrancy of a City Centre is the number of independent businesses is supports, then Swansea can be proud of itself. High Street is very much punching above its weight in this regard, with impressive and ambitious young businessmen and women at the helm of a range of businesses, including Culture, Figaro, The Gamers’ Emporium, Nancie Beauty and others. We know that these businesses all have their eyes on the opportunities for growth that are on offer within Swansea City Centre, with the ongoing regeneration and with an influx of the young pound expected to be delivered by the new student accommodation being built close by. Figaro is expanding this year into The Kingsway and Castle Street, and High Street is proving attractive to experiential businesses, including Sim Race1 and eGolf, which are so important when it comes to providing a broad mix of attractions that today’s city-goers expect.

High Street is a cultural hub, with Volcano, Cinema & Co, Galerie Simpson and The Hyst offering unique and enriching experiences within the City Centre, and making High Street a natural focal point for arts events like The Swansea Fringe, which Swansea BID is pleased to sponsor. Similarly, much good work goes on in Tech Hub to support entrepreneurs and to help people in Swansea upskill, and to encourage those entrepreneurs to remain in Swansea and to contribute to the continued vibrancy of the city.

It is perhaps part of the character of Swansea to deflect praise and to underplay the city’s good points. However, let’s not overlook the very good work that is being done by businesses, interested parties and individuals to improve and uplift the area.

Yours faithfully, Russell Greenslade, Swansea BID (Business Improvement District) Chief Executive

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