Taxi Marshals Hailed For A Decade of Making Swansea City Centre Safer

February 20, 2018 9:26 am

Our Swansea Taxi Marshals are celebrating ten years of making the City Centre safer for those who hit our night-spots, bars, theatres and restaurants each week – having helped more than 2.2 million people get home safely during the decade.

During the past ten years of service, they have been in action at The Strand, Caer Street, York Street and The Kingsway, with the eight-strong team helping more that 2.2 million and 220,764 people during 2016/17 alone, to get home safe and sound. In the process, they have dealt with everything from injured party-goers, disoriented students, lost purses, wallets and keys, and unlicensed cabbies touting for business.

Funded by Swansea BID, the Taxi Marshalls are on duty on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and at other special events where crowds are expected, to oversee the taxi rank queues, to quell any flashpoints and to ensure they remain orderly – but there is a lot more to their role too.

Brendan Bottomley, Swansea BID’s Evening & Night Time Economy Officer, said: “The Taxi Marshalls are invaluable to the safety and the smooth running of our busy city centre at night and I would like to congratulate them for reaching this 10 year milestone.

“Theirs is a complex role that requires real tact, care and judgement and here at Swansea BID we are very proud of the work they do.  The figures speak for themselves, don’t they, with more than 2 million people aided during this ten-year period.? Our figures also suggest they have helped to reduce alcohol-related crime by almost 50 percent since Swansea BID was established. They are also a valuable extra pair of eyes and ears for the police, the emergency services, and CCTV control and they have invaluable vulnerability training as well as Argus training, which is delivered by Counter Terrorism Security Advisers and Counter Terrorism Awareness Advisers.

“Towns and cities throughout the UK are going through times of great change at the moment, which daytime and night time business are adjusting to. One of the most important trends is the widely recognised need to increase the number of people who live in our city centres, so we can ensure our city centre economies are balanced. Here in Swansea City Centre we are looking ahead to imminent regeneration, which will reshape our City Centre and bring more people in during the evening and night. So it is more important than ever that we have all the tools at our disposal to help safeguard people, working alongside the South Wales Police to continue to make public safety a key priority. We all want to see people’s evenings go smoothly and it is well-known that incidents can flare up easily and quickly at taxi ranks at night time. I know the Taxi Marshals are valued by the taxi drivers too, for helping to keep the atmosphere friendly and to defuse any issues. It is important to ensure that people take a licensed cab or a black cab home and that they aren’t being picked up by unlicensed drivers.”