Travel Experts Arrive at Bumper Savings Thanks to Free Swansea BID Scheme

November 30, 2017 10:55 am

The owner of a long-established Swansea travel firm is encouraging other SMEs to tap into the free suite of cost-cutting tools offered by Swansea BID, after saving around £900 on the company utility bills.

Jonathan Evans, who owns Burgess World Travel Ltd, in The Kingsway, Swansea, took advantage of the scheme, which sees a team of money-saving specialists from Meercat Associates Ltd help small businesses within BID areas get access to the best deals on things like gas, electricity, telecoms services, pest control, safety testing and assessments, and stationery and print costs.

Since the Meercats scheme began in the Swansea BID area four months ago BID Businesses have benefitted from more than £28k worth of savings.

The beauty of the scheme, says Jonathan, is that it causes little disruption for the business owners, but it can deliver hefty and ongoing savings.

Jonathan says: “I’m very pleased with the way the scheme has worked for my business and I would encourage other Bid Businesses to take advantage of the scheme. £800 worth of savings over the year on the company gas and electricity bill is very valuable – this is money I can put to good use elsewhere in the business.

“The whole process involved a face to face meeting at a time that was convenient to me, I supplied a small amount of paperwork – just my most recent bills – then my Meercat advisor took copies and used those to broker the best deals for me.

“The beauty of the process too is that Meercats now has a diary of my key dates which detail the end of my telecoms, business insurance and other utility contracts so they can set to work negotiating the best deals for me when those deadlines come up. Also, as is often the case, it proved difficult for my company to get out of one of my utility contracts and Meercats took care of the complexities around this – so it was a simple process for me.”

Swansea BID Chief Executive, Russell Greenslade, said: “I’m delighted to see Burgess World Travel Ltd take up one of the free Bid Benefits we offer. As many of our BID area businesses have discovered, the Meercats Associates scheme is a no-hassle process which can offer significant cost savings, which are particularly valuable for SMEs for whom careful control over outgoings is essential.”

Any Swansea BID Business who wants to go ahead with an initial consultation with a Meercats representative should contact Swansea BID on: 01792 475021 to arrange an initial consultation.