The visitor experience is an increasingly important element to the success of city centres. Swansea BID works with partners to enhance the BID area’s overall appearance improving the customer welcome and ensuring Swansea city centre remains safe and welcoming.

Crime prevention and business support:

We provide financial support to the city centre Rangers, Night Marshals, Vulnerability Marshals, ENTE Cleansing team and additional Police Officers.

We work with businesses and other partners. We will further develop our Swansea Against Business Crime partnership (SABC) with clear objectives to reduce the impact of crime against businesses and their staff and manage Best Bar None scheme under our SABC operations.

Being a member of the National Business Crime Reduction Partnership (NABCP), we are working towards NABCP accreditations/certification complementing our membership of Wales Against Business Crime (WABC) which we are already accredited by. We are also further developing our Cyber Essentials Certification.

Working with partners, we aim to launch a civil notice exclusion scheme denying criminals access to BID area businesses helping reduce crime, losses and improve workers and customers security. In addition, we support the Public Service Protection Order (PSPO) that we have worked closely with partners to instate in the BID area.

We facilitate businesses signing up to the BID areas reduced cost digital radio system and radio system training. We have also further developed
and updated the information database (DISC) and will continue to build its capability to share information to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Enhancing the appearance of the BID area:

Enhancing the appearance of the trading and visitor environment remains a key priority for businesses. We provide additional services over and above the
Council’s statutory services. We invest in the following initiatives to improve the overall appearance of the city centre:

• Street Washing and chewing gum removal
• Responsive cleaning services for businesses
• Graffiti removal from the private realm
• Greening and environmental projects

Enhancing the visitor experience:

To encourage visitors to explore all areas of the BID area and spread footfall and spend, we support and negotiate transportation offers. We support initiatives to welcome and support visitors to Swansea city centre.

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